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Background:  I work as a researcher and outdoor therapist at the Department for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Sørlandet Hospital in Norway. I also run, in a joint venture with Iris, a private company; MOTIVA Psychological Counselling. Within the field of psychology I have particular interest in personality, existential, experiental, eco and positive psychology. I have developed the Adolescent Life Goal Profile Scale (ALGPS) and as such have some knowledge of psychometrics and statistic work. In my field of research there must be a short and clear path between academic dwellings and clinical relevance. I am therefore most content when I can combine clinical work and research activities.

Project manager - Wilderness therapy for at risk adolescents. A mixed methods approach

Presently this is the main project I am working on. I believe strongly in the potential of utilizing nature in mental health work.  We have put together a very strong professional team who all are dedicated to 1) developing and conducting high quality wilderness therapy for at risk adolescents and 2) conducting accompanying rigorous research. The research protocol below explains the clinical intervention and the research design. Also several articles are in the pipeline. I will make these available as soon as they get cleared. This project is benefitting from considerable grants from Sørlandet Hospital and the Competance Development Fund of Southern Norway. You can learn more on our Norwegian website and . There  is also a Facebook group: Nordic Adventure Therapy & Outdoor Education Network.


From 2017 a new and refined version of our wilderness therapy program will be undregoing new clinical research. This is the accompanying protocol.



Project manager - Meaning and meaning making in clinical practice: Preliminary effect studies of the SUMMIT clinical approach aimed towards adolescents within mental health care

This project is an obvious follow-up from my PhD work. Having developed and validated the Adolescent Life Goal Profile Scale (ALGPS) two areas of use were identified; 1) General psychological research on groups and statistical variations among these, and 2) As a helping tool for individual therapy. This project focuses on the latter where the ALGPS becomes a foundation for subsequent therapy sessions, or dialogue if you choose. Unfortunately this project has had to yield for other work, but at some point I have a justified hope that things will speed up. The protocol below is in progress, but will give you an idea of what this research might look like.


Project manager - Scale development, scale refinement and scale translation

This is more a continuous focus than a project. The lack of further work on the Adolescent Life Goal Profile Scale (ALGPS) is my ongoing bad conscience. I believe the scale holds great promise as it provides some unique information. The scale exists in a Norwegian, English and Turkish version. 

I have also, together with colleagues, translated from English to Norwegian the Youth Outcome Questionaire (YOQ-SR) and LIfe Effectiveness Questionaire (LEQ) following established procedures for scale translation and validation. 

Project manager -  Øyeblikkets muligheter når terrenget blir bratt - psykologiske prosesser i og blant mennesker på tur

Translated this means something like "Opportunities of the moment when the terrain steepens - psychological processes within and between people on an excursion". Although this project is very new I have toyed with the idea for some time now. Using Csikszentmihalyi´s Experience Sampling Method on dyads, hopefully including myself, during strenous expeditions, I hope to unveil correlations between various variables. For instance: Do the participants individual mood follow the same rythm? What does bad weather or fatigue do, if any, to the feeling of optimism, ability for mindfullness etc. Despite obvious confounders in this type of research (e.g., personality), the findings may show trends that we can study further on larger samples. The end goal is to better understand and predict individual and group processes when working with people during demanding outdoor activities.

Member of several other health related research and evaluation projects



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