Personal projects

To me personal projects are not the same as life goals. The latter are a result of more fundamental needs of life (i.e., relations & intimacy, work & achievements, religion & spirituality and trancendentivity). Life goals are basic to well-being, and at times private beyond the scope of this website. General examples of life goals may be to try to become a more attentive parent, a more loving partner, work less or more, strenghten personal beliefs or mellow out in a atheistic world view, become more altruistic etc.

I believe the first step in making projects happen is to allow oneself to unconditionally play with dreams and ideas. It is important, I think, to put practical obstacles aside in the most creative phases of toying with new thoughts. Gradually an unspecified dream will either be discarded or perhaps move on to become a vision, a goal and from there on into the more concrete planning and preparing stages. My experience is that merely talking about projects, and preferably writing them down, are important steps towards actually making them happen.

Although many of my projects are quite physical, your projects may of course be anything you want. The important thing is that they are congruent with your inner values and goals.

In the somewhat informal list of personal projects below, starting in the summer of 2014, I illustrate in brackets the status of the project. As you see some happened, some did not, and some were postponed. Just the way it should be.

Summer 2014:             Enjoy summer kayaking without all the winter gear (done)

July 2014:                    Travel with my family to arctic Norway, Sweden and Finland (done)

2014 onwards:             Increase my personal environmental awareness and involvement (ongoing)

November 2014:          Half Marathon (postponed to August 2015 - done)

Winter 2014/15:           Tons of outback, randonee and alpine skiing (done)

February 2015:            Alpine skiing holiday with family to Canazei in the Italian Dolomites (done)

Spring 2015:                Kayak crossing from Frederikshavn in Denmark to Gothenburg in Sweden (done)

Summer 2015:             2 weeks hiking in Haute Pyrenees with good friends and a bunch of kids (partially done)

Summer 2015:             Do some alpine traverses in the Snøhetta mountain range with Iris (postponed)

Winter 2016:                Kayak circum-navigation of Denmark (cancelled)

February 2016:            1 week winter hiking on the Hardanger mountain plateau (done but elsewhere due to snow conditions)

April 6, 2016:              Celebrate my great fortune of reaching 50 years of age (yeah - made it!)

May 2016:                   Welcome two Siberian huskies into our family (they´re here!)                                       

June 2016:                  1 week kayaking with buddies on the stunning Helgeland coast of Northern Norway (done)

February 2017:           Alpine skiing holiday with family to Val Gardena in the Italian Dolomites (done)

April 2017:                 Participate in Kristiansand Ultra run; 60 km, 2000 meteres elevation (made it half way)

July 2017:                   Start paragliding - get my PP2 license (done,                  

2017:                          Get my private company MOTIVA going. (done,

July 2018:                   Start hiking southwards from the Northcape with family. 1st of many stages for the years to come of Norway lenghtwise (started),å-langs-en-litt-lang-familietur-252509395254616/)

2018:                          Get my paragliding PP3 license (ongoing but considering to give it up)

2019:                          Improve very poor surfing skills (planning) 

June 2019:                  Kayaking with friends in the Disco Bay area of Greenland (planning and preparing)

October 2019:            Selfdrive tour with family for a couple of weeks in Namibia (planning and preparing)

2020:                          Become a Professor??!! hahhhaaaa (planning and preparing)

Spring 2020:              Ski some winter trail in Alaska (goal)

Summer 2023:           Hike solo and unsupported across Iceland from north to south (goal)

2026:                         I simply cannot grow old without having skydived some more (vision) 

2030:                          Hike the Pacific Crest Trail in the US with Iris ( (vision)

2056:                          At the age of 90 be able to hike Ruafjell, a mountain I have known all my life (dream)

2056 onwards            Strech my legs, enjoy quality redwine, write pointed newspaper articles, assess my life so far and hopefully call it good (vision)




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