Widening the horizons

03.05.2015 19:08

Every now and then some people, including myself, search for experiences in nature that contrast the tranquil and mindful settings we usually seek. Elements of real danger, fear and pain are accepted in order to achieve some kind of accomplishment or challenge. The reasons vary from external admiration and status to intrinsic meaning making. This photo is from a recent kayak crossing from Denmark to Sweden. Shortly after it was taken the weather turned on us and our feeling of excitement and bravery was overcome by coldness, loneliness and hours of struggle. There and then I wanted to be anywhere but in the Kattegat sea. 

In retrospective I realize that when my existence is narrowed down to surviving the next ugly wave, the horizon of self-understanding is pushed wide open. Unfortunately (perhaps) such insight is to some extent fresh produce. I have learned that as time passes this knowledge evaporates, the memories of fear and pain fade, and I will again find myself in some stupid and perilous situation....