Backyard solitude

25.09.2015 20:45

The highest mountain in the county where I live is called Urdalsnuten. Its summit reaches 1434 meters above sea level so it is not a tall mountain even by Norwegian standards (our highest is Galdhøgpiggen at only 2469 meters asl). Regardless of what direction you approach Urdalsnuten it is no less than a two day travel into complete wilderness. A couple of buddies and myself used our seakayaks the first day, hiked the mountain the day after and went back home on day three. An easy trip in pristine terrain. 

We only saw one other person on the entire trip. On the summit of Urdalsnuten there is logbook where names and dates are entered. To our surprise this place had only been visited by 100 people each year since we last were here exactly two years ago. So this backyard mountain is in effect a more solitary spot on earth than Everest with its anual 500 summit "visitors". This goes to show that remotedness is a relative construct.