Summer thoughts

11.06.2015 11:50

Summer has arrived in all its warm beauty. I won´t wear socks until September and my beer doesn´t stay cool just by being placed outdoors. This is high quality living! But I guess I´m becoming increasingly aware of how each season brings with it it´s unique blend of opportunities and joy. And as the sun is beating down on my existence I rest in the comfort of knowing that in a handful of months the land is again covered with snow. All moving water freezes and silencens. Darkness envelopes the night and most of the day. But in the few hours of light we glide into the wild on our skis or break through the grey ocean ice in our kayaks.

And before the wonders of winter, Autumn arrives. Crisp clear days with explosions of colors as leaves die and fall to the ground, only to be pushed aside by myriads of delicious mushrooms. 

But summer is now, I enjoy it so much! And I will not be sad when it fades into a new season.