Off the grid

27.02.2016 16:11

Returning from some days in the wild, completely off the grid, I cannot help noticing how rejuvinated I feel. Paradoxical perhaps, because traveling these parts in february does, to be fair, come with some degree of hardships. And still - away from the safe walls of home, the softness of chairs and pillows, the warmth of bathrooms and the luxury of well-equipped kitchens - batteries recharge and energy restores (!). Navigating white-out conditions, assessing avalanche hazards, making progress in deep snow or simply trying to keep dry, warm and hydrated is to me less fatiguing, or at least fatiguing i different way,  than a day spent in front of my computer. 

The theories to why this is so are plentyful and thorough. I won´t get into them here other than to remind myself and others that we should not so often shy away from some challenging outdoor experiences. They may very well give more in return than what they demand from us.