11.01.2016 19:44


I have always felt an affinity with dogs. It might be that they basically are wolfes. Or that they are so charmingly honest caring only about the quality of the here and now. 

This photo was taken on the first day of 2016. Norunn borrowed a very young Alaska Malamute from some friends of ours. Seeing her complete involvement with the animal, and the way they communicated, made us rethink our descision of not owning a dog again. When children interact with animals they gain empathy, responsibility and playfullness. They may also (re)connect, I believe, with their wild intincts of the past, becomming more aware of the natural world.

And this goes for us grown-ups as well. So now two Siberian Husky sled dog pups are joining us shortly. Yihaaa!