this is me, the short version

I was born in Copenhagen in 1966 and grew up in Holland and Portugal. Eleven years later my family returned to Kristiansand in Norway. Here I enjoyed an emotionally safe youth whilst living a little on the edge like boys should. In 1985 I joined the Norwegian Airforce and spent most of my time either working as an aircraft technician or pursuing my at the time overall passion in life, skydiving. Whilst stationed i Northern Norway I received my P-3B Orion crewchief check-out shortly before shattering my right leg in a stupid, life-threatening parachuting accident. Being on crutches and ´out of the loop´ gave me time to think - and wisely I decided to spend even more time in the air. So I discharged myself from the forces and moved to Canada to learn to fly...and skydive more of course.
The next 5 years of my life became defining for who I am today. The hunt for work as a pilot and skydiving instructor took me from Manitoba in Canada, via North Dakota and Colorado to Arizona in the USA.  In the Grand Canyon state I parked an old camper out in the dessert, living my somewhat hippie dream on a small dusty dropzone. For some years I spent my days in the sky. I didn´t  have a penny to my name, but always allowed my self a Coors or Miller whilst enjoying the spectacular red dessert sunsets. These were good days. Life events brought me, via London, to the Arab Emirates before I in 1994, out of luck and opportunities began my health education back home in Norway. A few years later I also split up with my long time English life companion. 
After a considerable number of skydives and hours in the cockpit I grounded my self for some years. My health career spans from working as an assistant in psychiatric hospital wards to my present job as a PhD researcher and outdoor clinician. I am also running a small company named Motiva. Psychology is my area of expertise. Still work and education make up for only a part of my identity. The happiness and thrills I used to experience during free fall or whilst flying airplanes I now achieve when kayaking, skiing, backpacking, tenting, surfing, by a campfire or seeking alpine adventures. In short I have become an avid outdoor person. I am an almost convinced atheist but my relation with nature is truly spiritual. This is where I find peace, happiness, gratitude and for that matter fear and adrenalin rush. 
So when I some years ago discovered, almost by accident, the fabulous world of wilderness therapy, it was like a homecoming to me. At that very moment my lived life and profession merged. Within the potent field of ecopsychology I get to meet the coolest and most beautiful people ever! And best of all I can contribute in helping troubled youngsters back onto their feet by using the arguably most powerful agent there is - man and nature in interaction. 
This is me - the short version. And all this I share with Iris who I teamed up with in the late 90´s and married in 2008, our daughter Norunn who joined us in this world January 2007, one Siberian husky and a cat. We are a little family who in our curiosity and enjoyment of life keep on seeking new experiences and create small and not so small adventures for ourselves. I believe the time I am living in now is the best so far in my life. 
I live in Kristiansand in Southern Norway. Our house is by the sea making one of my favorite playgrounds very accessible, and our mountain cabin lies a couple of hours inland right in the midst of pristine Nordic wilderness.



Leiv Einar Gabrielsen Fuglevik Terrasse 14
4637 Kristiansand
+47 47 75 81 73